Appeal Process

A student wishing to appeal the LMU-DCOM Student Progress Committee policies and procedure, must submit a letter to the Admissions and Student Services Coordinator within five (5) working days of receiving notification of that decision. Upon receipt, the Admissions and Student Services Coordinator will submit the letter to the Appeals Board for review. The student’s status will remain unchanged until the appeal process is finalized. Appeals may only be made in reference to the SPC and/or the LMU-DCOM Dean following LMU-DCOM policies and procedures; no other grounds for appeal will be accepted.

Appeals Board: The Appeals Board is composed of the LMU-DCOM Senior Associate Dean, a basic medical science faculty member, and the LMU Vice President of Academic Affairs. The Appeals Board will review all written information pertaining to the case. The job of the Appeals Board is to determine if LMU-DCOM policies and procedures relating to the case were followed and that no gross misapplication of fact(s) occurred. They may meet with the student but not with witnesses or other complainants. The decision of the Appeals Board will be forwarded in writing by the chair to the LMU-DCOM Dean, who will forward it to the student by certified mail to his or her last official address or hand-delivered with receipt. All decisions of the Appeals Board will be final and binding. No further option for appeal will be considered.