Clinical Rotation Information

Report for Rotation

Each rotation is four weeks, beginning on a Monday and ending on a Friday. It is the responsibility of each medical student to be present on the commencement of each rotation. In the event of unavoidable tardiness to or absence from the rotation, it is the responsibility of the medical student to notify the supervising physician and the Office of Clinical Education.

Training Hours

It is the philosophy of LMU-DCOM that medical students are in a period of training that mimics the practice as demonstrated by the supervising physician. For guidance purposes only, as per national guidelines, the following may be considered:

  • A typical workday is usually 12-hours in duration.
  • A typical work week should be a minimum of 40 hours and a maximum of 80 hours in duration averaged over a four-week period.
  • The maximum duration on-duty should be no longer than 24 hours followed by a minimum of 12 hours off duty.
  • Two days out of every 14 days should be provided as a break.

Student Evaluation (Grades) 

At the end of each rotation block, the designated supervising physician or preceptor completes an evaluation of the medical student’s performance as it relates to knowledge, skills, and performance. These assessments cover the core competencies, Osteopathic Principles and OMM, Medical Knowledge, Patient Care, Professionalism, Interpersonal and Communications Skills, Practice Based Learning and Improvement, and Systems Based Practice. The final grade is given by LMU-DCOM faculty serving as Rotation directors and is based on the grading components noted in each course syllabus.

Students must successfully pass all grading components to receive a passing grade for the rotation. More information on the specifics of grading for clinical rotations is available in the LMU-DCOM Clinical Rotations Manual.

Patient Confidentiality

All medical students must complete the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) training provided by LMU-DCOM. The training notification is provided to all affiliated clinical training facilities.