Committee Procedures for Academic Deficiencies

At the end of every grading period, once final course grades have been assigned, a designee of the LMU-DCOM Dean schedules a meeting date, informs students of the meeting via the University-issued email address at least three (3) calendar days prior to the start of the meeting, provides an agenda to the members, and convenes the meeting. Minutes will be kept by a recording secretary. All proceedings are confidential. The meetings are closed to anyone not in the University community. All matters are submitted to a vote, with a simple majority ruling. The chair will be a non- voting member except in the instance of a tie.

The committee will review each student who has an academic deficiency. For students with one course failure, the committee may not require the student’s physical presence at the meeting. The committee’s responsibility is to meet with the student and to discuss the grades that have been assigned by the course directors. It is not within the Committee’s purview to delve into issues relating to how individual grades were assigned. All matters pertaining to how a grade was assigned must be resolved before the SPC meeting with the student. In the interest of due process, if a student is in the midst of filing a grade appeal or intends to file a grade appeal, the meeting will be put on hold until the issue pertaining to the grade is resolved. If the student intends on filing a grade appeal, it is the student’s responsibility to make the designee of the LMU-DCOM Dean aware of their intent so that the meeting can be put on hold.

The only individuals allowed to attend an SPC meeting include the student, the student’s advisor (at the student’s request), the recording secretary, the committee members, and any pertinent faculty/staff members and/or Assistant/Associate Deans. The committee’s recommendation will be forwarded to the Dean of LMU-DCOM within five (5) working days. The student’s entire academic and professional record will be examined at an SPC meeting.