DOCLIN-903: Emergency Medicine

Credits 8.0
Academic Level

The four-week emergency medicine (EM) rotation is intended to familiarize the fourth-year student with the broad spectrum of emergency medicine, ranging from pre-hospital care to the stabilization, diagnosis and treatment in the emergency department and subsequent patient disposition. The rotation should allow the student to gain an understanding of a systems approach of the practice of medicine as emergency medicine which utilizes all aspects of the health care system to deliver care to patients. In addition, the students should obtain a broad range of clinical and procedural experiences from the various patient encounters. Further, the students should be able to apply their osteopathic skills to participate in the diagnosis and treatment of emergency department patients. Students are required to complete 2 case writeups in a standard SOAP note H&P format (additional details given below) and submit them to Blackboard/Canvas for grading purposes.  Students are also required to complete 2 online quizzes for final grade points, and these are found on Blackboard/Canvas menu under the “Learning Unites”.