Course and Faculty Evaluation

Student feedback is essential to ensure the highest level of academic effectiveness. To assess its courses and faculty, LMU-DCOM utilizes student assessment teams. Students are randomly assigned and may serve once or twice during didactic years. Students may be asked to volunteer for a third assessment team, if needed. Assessment teams are official LMU-DCOM committees that prepare and present assessment reports on an assigned course and the faculty teaching within that course. Students are expected to participate using the highest level of professionalism and courtesy. Students serving as SGA President, 1st Vice President, and 2nd Vice President are excused from Assessment Team officer roles but are still required to be participating members of their assigned assessment team(s). Attendance to all assessment team meetings is mandatory and failure to attend will result in referral to the Assistant/Associate Dean(s) of Basic Medical Sciences and the Assistant/Associate Dean(s) of Students. Students who are struggling academically or have other extenuating circumstances may petition to be excused from an assessment team. Students who fully participate in their assessment teams will receive a special commendation on their MSPE.