The academic status or grading of student performance is determined at the end of each course and/or semester. Grades are determined based on scores collected throughout the course, including assignments, quizzes, practical exam results, and course exams. Each course has a syllabus that explains in detail how the grades are calculated. It is the student’s responsibility to read the course syllabi to ensure understanding of course grading policies. 

For both pre-clinical and clinical courses, within approximately seventen working days after the final course/system/rotation exam and receipt of preceptor evaluation (as applicable), the course/system/rotation director submits a final grade report. The grade report includes the percentage grade achieved in the class and a letter grade – either A, B, C or F. At the end of every semester, students will receive an unofficial copy of their transcript. The GPA on the transcript is calculated based on the letter grades (A, B, C, or F) for each course. A = 90- 100%, B = 80-89%, C = 70-79%, F < 70%. Percentage grades are not reported on the transcripts; however, they are used in class rank calculation. For example, a percentage score of 87% in a course would appear as a B on the transcript, and the multiplier used to calculate the GPA would be 3.0. 

However, for determining class rank the actual percentage grade of 87% would be used. Likewise, a grade of 81% percent would be recorded as a B on the transcript, 3.0 would be the multiplier used in the GPA calculation, and 81% would be used for calculating class rank. 

Class Rank

Class rank is determined at the end of the first two academic years. Class rankings will be reported in the fall semester for the previous year’s coursework. To treat all students fairly, the rank order will be based on students who went through a similar program. Therefore, students who complete approved and equivalent coursework prior to matriculating with LMU-DCOM (e.g., LMU Master’s students) will not be given a class rank designation. Likewise, students who remediate or retake coursework during medical school will not be included in class rank.

Student Grievances Regarding Grades

Academic Due Process - Exam Grade or Final Grade Reconsideration: if a student has a grievance about an exam or a final course grade policy and/or procedure, the student should discuss the matter with the course/system director within 24 hours of the grade being posted.

Appeal of the exam or final course grading policies and/or procedures must be addressed to the Assistant/Associate Dean of Students within 24 hours of the grade being posted. If the letter meets" good cause" for the purpose of appeal, the Assistant/ Associate Dean(s) of Students will arrange a meeting with the student, the appropriate Dean(s) (Preclinical or Clinical), and the course director. Within five working days after the meeting, the student will be notified in writing of the decision.

Students should note that Grade Reconsiderations are based on the examination and grading policies and procedures, not on disagreements with the course requirements, or the grading standards established by the professor. Good faith on the professor’s part shall be presumed unless the student can offer convincing arguments to the contrary. The student’s desire or “need” for a particular grade, while compelling to the individual on a personal level, shall not be considered “good cause” for purposes of appeal.