DOSYS-711: Molecular Fundamentals of Medicine I

Credits 2.0
Academic Level

The Molecular Fundamentals of Medicine I (MFM I) course is designed to provide each student with an integrated understanding of the basic biochemical, molecular, and cellular principles underlying cell structure and function in health and disease. The course integrates the basic science disciplines of molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry and metabolism, pathology, and medical genetics within the context of their clinical applications to basic biomedical sciences. This course will provide a fundamental scaffold of knowledge in basic biological sciences necessary for completion of subsequent medical school curricula, preparation for the COMLEX and USMLE, and success in independent medical practice.

Students will gain an understanding of (1) human molecular biology and genetics; (2) cellular biology and metabolism (3) cellular, molecular, and metabolic abnormalities resulting in pathological conditions and disease; and (4) the molecular basis for clinical diagnosis and therapy.