DOSYS-755: Renal

Credits 2.5
Academic Level

The purpose of this course is to present relevant clinical information of the pathophysiology and diagnosis and treatment of renal diseases to allow the student to develop an in-depth knowledge of the structures and functions of the human renal system and how they are altered by various specific renal and systemic disease processes. This second-year renal course will build on and augment what the student has already learned in the various first year courses and will develop a more comprehensive understanding of the structure and function of the renal system in health and illness and how it is evaluated. This course will also introduce and reinforce for the student the systemic manifestations of renal disease impacting other organ systems and how pathophysiological processes in other organ systems impact renal function. The course will also provide an introduction to the understanding of the alterations of the pharmacology of various medications as a result of the presence of renal disease.