Drug Screen Violations

The practice of medicine requires the physician to demonstrate integrity and good judgment. The use of controlled substances that are not prescribed by a licensed physician or the use of illegal substances violates good judgement. Physician impairment is a serious concern of licensing boards due to the potential harm it poses to patients. The inability to provide a screening urine specimen that is free of these substances is, at most, concerning for student impairment and, at least, a sign of poor judgment.

Students that return a drug screen that is positive for substances that are not prescribed by a licensed physician or substances whose use are in violation of LMU policy, local, state or federal law(s) will be referred to a qualified provider for assessment. Students on clinical rotations will be immediately suspended from rotations until such time as they are cleared by a qualified provider as safe to return to the clinical environment. The “qualified” provider must be approved by LMU-DCOM in advance and qualified/experienced in drug abuse assessment/treatment. The student will pay for all costs associated with the assessment and any recommended treatment(s.)

All students with positive drug screens will meet with SPC. The SPC will follow-up with the student after their initial assessment. The SPC will follow the progress and treatment (if any) of the student until the student graduates DCOM.

Students who are recommended to participate in drug treatment/therapy must comply with all recommendations/requirements of treatment. Failure to satisfactorily complete the recommended treatment will result in the student’s immediate dismissal from LMUDCOM.