Alcohol and Drug Charges or Convictions

Students who are charged by law enforcement for on-campus or off-campus alcohol, drug, or other violations must inform the Assistant/Associate Dean of Students immediately. The Assistant/Associate Dean of Students will work with the student to make sure that the student’s health and welfare are of primary importance. During the legal proceedings, the student must keep the Assistant/Associate Dean of Students informed of the status and disposition of the case. The Assistant/Associate Dean of Students will also keep the Student Progress Committee Chair informed of this information. Following the court’s decision and keeping in mind that no two cases are the same, the student will meet with the Student Progress Committee, who will make a recommendation to the LMU-DCOM Dean about the appropriate course of action. Students must recognize that a student with an untreated alcohol or other substance abuse issue is, by definition, unfit to continue in a patient care capacity. During any legal proceedings related to drug or alcohol abuse, the student may be placed on a leave while the case moves through the courts.

Following the court’s decision, and after meeting with the student, the Student Progress Committee (SPC) may recommend that the student is dismissed from medical school, or that the student enters substance abuse counseling for later re-evaluation by the committee. Following a prescribed course of treatment, the student will report to the Assistant/Associate Dean of Students for further evaluation regarding ability to continue as a medical student. The student may be required to reappear before the SPC at any time during or after treatment is complete.