Remediation Policy

When a student is granted permission to remediate a single course failure, then it is the student’s responsibility to meet with the Course Director to discuss the remediation process. The student will also be required to meet with the Director of Academic Support at their location to develop a plan of action. Successful remediation consists of achieving a final score of 70% or greater on each individual course component of an exam. If a student fails one of the remediation courses components, they will fail the remediation.

If remediation is successful, the student will be assigned a letter grade of “C” and a numeric grade of 70%. Remediation grading is completely independent of grades achieved during the course. A failure with subsequent successful remediation of the course will be reported on the student’s transcript as “F/C”. Under no circumstances will any other grade than F/C with a numeric score of 70% be reported. Failure of a remediation is considered a failure of another course and will result in a referral to SPC.

When a student repeats a rotation during the OMS-III and OMS-IV clinical years, the highest grade the student may earn is a “C” (70%). Students repeating a rotation may be required to do so during their vacation month. Remediation grades, repeated courses during OMS-I and OMS-II years, and repeated rotations will all be noted on the student’s transcript.