Professionalism Deficiency Outcomes

When a student is referred to the Community Standards Committee, they will be required to discuss the violation with the committee. They will then be required to complete criteria specified by the Committee. Given that circumstances surrounding professionalism violations are unique to each student’s situation, the conditions of the required criteria will be provided to the student in writing at the beginning of the warning period.

Upon completion of specified criteria, the student will be removed from Professionalism Warning. Further professionalism violations or failure to comply with Professionalism Warning conditions may result in being placed on Professionalism Probation or dismissal from LMU-DCOM.

Under Professionalism Probation, students are required to complete criteria specified by the Assistant/Associate Dean of Students, Senior Associate Dean, and/or the LMU- DCOM Dean. The student will remain on Professionalism Probation until they graduate from LMU-DCOM.